What Homeowners Need To Know About Selling Their New Britain Homes in 2021

What Homeowners Need To Know About Selling Their New Britain Homes in 2021

As the year 2020 progressed and the pandemic impacted various sectors of the economy, analysts closely monitored its effects on the housing market. While the housing market performed well overall during that period, it is expected that the trend may not continue. Attention is now focused on the upcoming year, and the forecast for the real estate market suggests a slower growth in home prices. Several factors will influence the market, and although there may be slight fluctuations compared to the predictions, it is essential to consider the data when making future plans. Homeowners in New Britain should pay attention to what they need to know about selling their homes in 2021.

Flooded Market

Due to economic factors, many families who would typically be looking to upgrade their homes and amenities have delayed their plans. The global pandemic has caused hesitation among prospective buyers, leading to a holding pattern in the real estate market. Currently, there is a shortage of inventory, resulting in high demand for homes. However, predictions indicate that this trend will soon reverse, leading to a significant increase in the number of listings entering the market.

Homeowners in New Britain need to be aware of this influx of listings they will be competing with when selling their homes in 2021. Many individuals who fall under the mortgage forbearance act guidelines may find it challenging to resume making timely payments, leading to a potential flood of homes entering the market. Given the circumstances, few can afford the luxury of holding onto a listing indefinitely. Moreover, the financial means necessary for relocation or other life-changing events may not be within everyone’s budget, further emphasizing the need for a timely sale.

Prices May Drop

Apart from the increase in housing supply, which can lead to a leveling off of housing prices, homeowners in New Britain need to be aware of potential downward pressure on home prices due to expected growth in delinquencies. This is important information to consider when selling their homes in 2021. Furthermore, the recent surge in Covid-19 cases may have an impact on employment rates, which can also influence housing prices. This could potentially result in the first decline in home prices in nine years.

In such a market scenario, many sellers might be tempted to hold onto pre-Covid pricing, causing their homes to linger on the market for longer periods. This, in turn, can lead to a decrease in the overall sales price. When determining the true value of a property, it is crucial to take into account factors such as annual taxes, the original investment, monthly expenses, maintenance costs, as well as the expenses associated with listing and selling a home.

If a move is on the horizon, it is wise not to delay, as the market conditions and potential uncertainties mentioned above may impact the selling process. Being proactive can help ensure a smoother transition and potentially maximize the value of the property in New Britain.

Mortgage Rates May Rise

In addition to the aforementioned factors, homeowners in New Britain should be aware of economists predicting a potential rise in mortgage rates in 2021. While the Federal Reserve (Fed) plays a significant role in the mortgage market as the largest buyer of mortgage-backed securities, they are likely to maintain lower short-term interest rates. However, this may not hold true for longer-term treasuries or mortgages. Although the Fed’s policies do not directly set current mortgage rates, their actions can indirectly influence these rates.

As the year comes to a close, the Fed’s purchases of mortgages have slowed down. The extent of their purchases in the upcoming year will depend on the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine in normalizing the economy. Furthermore, new banking capital requirements that will come into effect in 2021 are expected to contribute to the potential rise in mortgage rates.

Considering these factors, homeowners planning to sell in New Britain should take into account the potential impact of rising mortgage rates on buyer affordability and demand. It may be prudent to monitor the market closely and consult with real estate professionals to make informed decisions about timing and pricing when selling their homes in 2021.



The current circumstances highlight the importance for homeowners in New Britain to consider selling their homes in 2021. As delinquencies increase and market conditions indicate minimal positive value growth over the coming year, it is crucial to take timely action. Opting for a sale now can help minimize the risk of equity loss compared to holding onto the property for an additional year.

If the predicted drop in property values and rise in mortgage rates materialize, there is a possibility of experiencing a loss of equity by retaining the property beyond the year-end. Moreover, as mortgage rates climb, buyers may be inclined to make lower offers, adding further downward pressure on prices. Some homeowners could find themselves in a financially disadvantageous position, where they have invested more in their property than they are likely to recoup through a sale unless the real estate market reaches its peak.

Considering these factors, acting promptly and strategically in selling your home can help mitigate potential losses and maximize your return on investment in New Britain.

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