5 Things You Should Know About Inheriting a Property in New Britain

5 Things You Should Know About Inheriting a Property in New Britain

How exciting! You’ve inherited a house!

But wait, not so fast. 

Without giving it much thought, many consider inheriting a house a windfall. However, the reality is that you may be inheriting a sinking ship that you’ll be responsible for, whether you can afford it or not. So while the best intentions may have motivated the inheritance of a property in New Britain, it isn’t always financially beneficial. Often, properties left in wills are older and not in prime condition as the storms of time constantly batter structural features such as foundations and roofs and wear out appliances and systems in the home, like the HVAC. 

In addition to the stress of handling the problems your benefactor may have left behind for you to clean up, including going through their belongings and cleaning out the property, you may be dealing with emotional strains as well. In many cases, there are multiple heirs, and emotions may rule their actions at this time, which only adds to the stress when you’re dealing with matters of such import.

Read on as we explore five things you should know about inheriting a property in New Britain.


Regrettably, many people inherit a great deal of debt along with inheriting a property in New Britain from unpaid taxes to liens and multiple mortgages on the property. In addition, primary lien holders, such as equity lines of credit and federal tax liens, will receive payment first if selling the property. Therefore, assessing where you stand with any debtors, such as contracted workers holding mechanics liens against the property for improvements, judgment liens, and the mortgage, is the first step in dealing with your inheritance. 


Inheriting a property in New Britain may not automatically result in increased tax liability, but it’s crucial to understand that your decisions regarding the property can have tax implications. If you choose to make improvements, you may be able to deduct these expenses. Additionally, property taxes should be taken into account, and if they are not included in an existing mortgage payment, it is important to be familiar with any deadlines for payment. It is worth noting that inherited property is subject to a step-up basis adjustment, which determines the value of the property for calculating capital gains taxes on any future growth or appreciation. Being aware of these tax considerations and seeking guidance from a tax professional can help you navigate the tax aspects associated with the inherited property in New Britain.

Maintenance Costs

When it comes to inheriting a property in New Britain, it’s important to recognize that as houses age, the maintenance costs typically increase, especially for older homes that are more susceptible to failures and issues. Neglecting routine maintenance can quickly escalate into significant and costly problems. Additionally, some inherited homes may have features or equipment that have become obsolete over time, requiring specialized knowledge for their proper care and maintenance. In these situations, it is highly recommended to call in an expert who has the expertise and experience to handle unfamiliar equipment and provide the necessary guidance. Understanding the significance of seeking professional assistance is vital when navigating the process of inheriting a property in New Britain.


Another important aspect to consider when inheriting a property in New Britain is that as properties age, the need to call in repair specialists for significant issues becomes more frequent. It is crucial to be aware of this reality before deciding to take on the responsibility of the house. To assess the extent of the repairs and the associated costs, it is recommended to have a professional inspection conducted and obtain estimates from at least three professionals. This will give you a clearer understanding of the challenges you may face if you choose to keep the property. It is common for one repair to uncover additional issues, creating a domino effect. Therefore, it is wise to have extra funds set aside to cover unexpected expenses that may arise during the repair process. Additionally, it is important to request an estimate of the timeframe required to make the property livable or ready for sale. Being aware of these factors will help you make informed decisions and be prepared for the financial and time commitments associated with the inherited property in New Britain.

Listing Costs

When inheriting a property in New Britain, it’s important to understand that listing the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can involve significant expenses. This includes costs associated with preparing the property, making necessary repairs, hiring professional photographers, marketing efforts, and conducting showings. Additionally, there are expenses such as inspections, real estate commissions, and closing costs to consider. It’s crucial to be aware that while real estate agents can assist with the listing and marketing process, they cannot guarantee a specific closing date. As a result, you may find yourself waiting for months for potential buyers to show interest in the property and make an offer. It’s important to have patience and be prepared for potential delays when it comes to selling an inherited property in New Britain.

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