How to Rezone a Property in New Britain

How to Rezone a Property in New Britain

There are many reasons to seek rezoning; as a real estate investor, you are likely to encounter the need for rezoning, typically when developing land for specific purposes, be it housing developments or commercial enterprises, industrial, agricultural, or a mixed-use. 

Zoning is often outdated, and commissioners are perfectly willing to update zoning.

Be prepared for unexpected hurdles; it takes time, planning, and patience when you rezone a property in New Britain. The process can also be expensive. You’ll need to prepare for the expenses involved; however, it is difficult to nail down the exact costs to rezone a property in New Britain due to the many variables. Therefore, it is wise to have an experienced team assist you with every step of the process. Read on as we explore how to rezone a property in New Britain.

Rezoning Steps


Before embarking on the process of rezoning a property in New Britain, it is crucial to thoroughly review the local ordinances. Taking into account the perspective of city planners and neighboring property owners is essential to ensure that your rezoning plans align harmoniously with the surrounding environment. By understanding the specific regulations, restrictions, and guidelines set forth by the city, you can avoid straying too far from the established framework and potentially encountering setbacks. A comprehensive examination of local ordinances will provide valuable insights into the permissible land uses, zoning classifications, and development standards that must be adhered to. This diligent approach will help you navigate the rezoning process more effectively and enhance the likelihood of obtaining the necessary approvals and support from relevant authorities and stakeholders.

Apply and Pay

To initiate the rezoning process for a property in New Britain, it is essential to submit an application to the planning office. This application should include a comprehensive explanation of your proposed plans and the specific details regarding the desired rezoning. Clearly articulate how the rezoning will benefit the community, align with the city’s long-term vision, and comply with relevant regulations. It is crucial to provide all necessary supporting documents, such as site plans, architectural designs, environmental impact assessments, and any other information that can strengthen your case. Additionally, be prepared to pay the required application fee, which can vary depending on the jurisdiction and scope of the rezoning. Ensure that you have an acceptable payment method, such as a check or credit card, to complete the fee payment. By following these steps and providing a well-prepared application, you increase the likelihood of a smooth and efficient rezoning process for your property in New Britain.


When pursuing the rezoning of a property in New Britain, it is crucial to pay careful attention to the timing of review board meetings. Familiarize yourself with the schedule of these meetings and ensure that you submit your application well in advance of the cutoff date for the next scheduled meeting. Missing the cutoff date could result in significant delays, as your application may be pushed to subsequent meetings, prolonging the overall process. By submitting your application before the specified deadline, you maximize the chances of having your case reviewed in a timely manner. This demonstrates your commitment and preparedness to the review board, allowing them ample time to consider your proposal. Remember to thoroughly complete all required forms, attach any supporting documentation, and address any specific requirements outlined by the planning office. By proactively adhering to the timeline and submitting your application promptly, you enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the rezoning process for your property in New Britain.

Public Notice

You may need to publicize the date, time, and location of the public meeting.

On-Site Inspection

In order to streamline the rezoning process for your property in New Britain, it is highly recommended to schedule a meeting with the rezoning assessor at the property location. By arranging an on-site meeting, you provide the assessor with a firsthand understanding of the property’s current condition, its surroundings, and the proposed rezoning plans. This direct engagement allows for effective communication, the opportunity to address any concerns or questions, and enables the assessor to assess the feasibility of the rezoning within the specific context of the property. By proactively meeting with the rezoning assessor at the property, you enhance the chances of a successful rezoning outcome in New Britain.

Board Findings

The zoning board should mail you a letter assessing their findings and any suggestions to be undertaken or disputed at the public meeting.

Public Hearing

Attend the hearing and await the final vote. As you plan your project to rezone a property in New Britain and when you may get started, you should be aware that should the rezoning require official legislative updates, there may be delays after the approval.


In the event that your rezoning application is denied by the board, there is an option to seek legal assistance by hiring a zoning attorney to help navigate the appeals process. A zoning attorney specializes in land-use laws and regulations, and they can provide valuable guidance on the next steps to take. With their expertise, you can prepare a strong case to appeal the board’s decision in court. This may involve gathering additional evidence, presenting legal arguments, and advocating for your rezoning plans. It is important to consult with a zoning attorney promptly to ensure compliance with any deadlines or procedural requirements for filing an appeal. By pursuing legal recourse, you can seek a reconsideration of the board’s decision and potentially secure a favorable outcome for your property in New Britain.


Assembling Your Application

There will be costs associated with creating your plans for submission and any supporting documents to help your case with the zoning board. Pay attention to your message, communicate clearly and take this opportunity to get the board to understand the benefits of your proposal to the community. A well-thought-out presentation can make the difference in winning over the zoning board and save you valuable time and money. For this reason, it is more than worth working with a team of pros, like those at The Property Warehouse , to get it right the first time.

Application Fee

Calculated by property size, the application fee can cost hundreds to thousands.

Site Signage

A notice will need to be posted and updated on site.


If necessary, you may incur costs for revisions to your rezoning plans and supporting documents, depending upon any suggestions from the board.

Public Notice

During the rezoning process, it is important to note that there are fees involved in publishing the notice related to the rezoning hearing. These fees cover the expenses associated with publishing the notice in local newspapers or other designated publications, as required by the city or municipality. Publishing the notice serves the purpose of informing the public and neighboring property owners about the upcoming rezoning hearing, providing them with an opportunity to participate and voice any concerns or opinions they may have. The actual fees can vary depending on factors such as the size and circulation of the publication, as well as any additional requirements specified by the local jurisdiction. It is advisable to consult with the planning office or zoning department to obtain accurate information regarding the applicable fees and the designated publications for publishing the notice. By being aware of and prepared to cover these fees, you can ensure compliance with the necessary procedures and facilitate transparency and community involvement throughout the rezoning process for your property.

Legal Documents

Should any legal documents be required, you may encounter attornies fees for this service.

Letters of Credit/Bonding

Again, if necessary, you may encounter costs associated with presenting your letter of credit to the board stating the length of time the letter of credit lasts, typically a year, providing security that the project has enough funding to be completed.


Finally, appeals requiring legal assistance cost both time and money.

The Property Warehouse

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