The 4 Major Problems of Selling a Hoarder House

The hoarder house is a unique situation for real estate, and one that can be tough to navigate. A hoarder home can have problems with mold or pests from the outside intruding into an already cluttered space. The hoarder home might also have items inside which are unsafe or hazardous to anyone who enters. These are just some of the reasons why it’s so difficult to sell a hoarder house on the market!

So, now onto the four most common issues…

1.Interior Photos

According to, 92% of home purchasers look for houses online, so the only way to attract 92% of potential buyers is through pictures. If you’re selling a hoarding property, this may be a big issue for you.

In an ideal world, you’d completely clean the house and take photos. However, in most situations, you’ll simply photograph the clutter or just the outside of the property. While neither of these last two choices will aid in the speedy sale of your property, they’re better than nothing!

2. Logistics in an Open House

How would you feel if someone came to your home without permission and posted photos of it online? Well… I believe Constance Rosenblum, the author of Selling a Hoarder’s Home: The Trouble with Stuff, put it best when she said, “Forget about an open house. Prospective buyers may not be able to get past. Even if they could, hoarders often have so many things in the way that it’s difficult to imagine how a room actually functions.”

What this means is, be prepared for your open house guests not to stay very long and possibly leave without making an offer. It also might mean you need to hire someone else go through items quickly and minimize the

To be fair, having an open house can fall into the category of hoarding disorder (HD) from mild to severe, and someone with moderate HD may have a normal living environment. They will, however, face two major concerns: one that is safety-related. If a buyer must walk on or over unstable or hazardous materials, the first issue.

3. Outsider Perceptions

If you have HD and someone comes to your house with the intention of buying it, you can expect to hear some hurtful remarks. “Selling a Hoarder’s Home: The Trouble With Stuff” by Constance Rosenblum describes the comments made by potential customers. “Many of the hundreds of visitors made derogatory statements as

It’s no fun being on the receiving end of teasing or abuse from others. However, for a hoarder, it might be a little more stressful. It’s crucial for them to understand that many people aren’t attempting to hurt them; rather, they are unfamiliar with their circumstances.

4. Lack of Time

The biggest challenge a collector will face when attempting to sell their home is time. It takes time to clear out a residence, get it up to code, clean it, and then sell it. However, a hoarder may only have a short window of opportunity before they must leave the house. This might be due to an inability to pay mortgage installments.

Whatever the reason, if you or someone you know has to sell a hoarder home, I recommend contacting your family or friends, a hoarding support group, a therapist, or even a professional organizer. Check out the resources at the end of the article after reading about how to quickly sell a hoarding property.

How to Sell a Hoarder House Quickly and for Nothing in Return

If you responded yes to any of the preceding questions, I recommend selling your property to a real estate investor. It’s the only way to get your hoarding mess sold when you’re short on cash and time.

It’s simple. An investor will contact you via phone and then come to your house for a visit. If everything goes as planned, the investor will make an offer on your home, and you’ll receive money in exchange for it on the closing date. This is when all of the paperwork is completed. However, keep in mind that not all real.

Are there any risks?

There are no risks if you sell your property to a REPUTABLE investor or firm. There is, however, a danger if you put your faith in the wrong person. Some inexperienced or unethical investors may promise to buy your house but then back out at the last minute.

Call The Property Warehouse to get rid of the risk, regain your independence, and sell your home as soon as possible. Our home buying experts would appreciate hearing about your unique situation and will express no opinion.

Please do not be embarrassed or ashamed about your home if you are a hoarder. There are millions of hoarding sufferers in the United States, and The Property Warehouse has assisted many of them in regaining their independence. And guess what? It gets even better. If you have HD and need to sell your home fast, The Property Warehouse.

If all of this sounds appealing to you and you’d like to talk with an The Property Warehouse home purchasing specialist, please fill out the form or call us at (203) 626-4282. There is no prejudice, and we aim to assist you.

You may even get a deal in 7 minutes or less! So, what’s keeping you from calling The Property Warehouse right now?


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